Hailing from the heart of North Carolina, singer/songwriter Tatum Scott continues to develop her brand and musical style over the years. Following her journey, the personal growth that she continues to experience through life is ever-present throughout her musical catalog.

Entering the recording studio for the first time in 2018 with an NC based producer, and alongside world-touring musicians, Tatum tracked her first two singles. “Bless Your Heart” and “Awaken” display her versatility and own personal interests and beliefs. In an acoustic-driven, upbeat pop-country style, “Bless Your Heart” became Tatum’s first release in 2019. Shortly after, Tatum made a statement of Faith with her hard-hitting worship release, “Awaken.”

Capitalizing on her recent releases, Tatum re-entered the recording studio in 2019. Mixing styles of both energetic Pop Country and Rock, Tatum released her song “Devil in Disguise” at the end of 2019. Shortly after, she followed with the release of her ballad “Midnight,” which mixes the dynamics of flowing piano lead lows and swelling, massive high moments.

In 2020, 3 days before her 18th birthday, Tatum entered the studio independently, with no band backing her for the first time, recording a two-song, stripped-down acoustic EP. Matching bubbly, intimate acoustic songs with a lyrical storybook speaking to her transition into adulthood, Tatum creates a chilled-out yet happy vibe with both songs. In the EPs Title track, “Dear Future Me,” Tatum sings out a letter to her future self, delving into her own search to find herself and her place in this world, as we all do. In the second song from the EP, “Age of Seventeen,” Tatum matches the bubbly acoustic and piano accompaniment with a song that speaks to a young woman's life reaching her 18th birthday and all of the challenges and special moments that come with this milestone.


As for now, and as Tatum continues to find her place in this world both in life and in music, her growth remains well documented in the songs that she writes. However, her latest release, “Dear Future Me,” will stand to mark her career as a statement to become truly herself in the art that she creates.